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Ms. Naya Arbiter Presents: ‘The Post Patriarchal TC in America • Women as Culture Carriers for Teaching Community’ at the 2017 European Federation of Therapeutic Communities conference in Dublin, Amity Foundation…

Post Patriarchy – Celebrating the Feminine

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Amity’s Dragonfly Gallery opens a new show POST PATRIARCHY featuring Tucson based artist Lori Andersen who’s work of acrylic, mixed media, and bronze sculptures. Lori’s art is an extension of…

Edible Baja’s 5 Can’t-Miss Tucson Food Trucks

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Nations Creations Food Truck Fry bread can be traced back to the days before trendy food trucks, and Nations Creations food truck is giving it a healthy spin. The innovative…

Post Patriarchy • Women as Culture Carriers • EFTC Conference 2017, Dublin, Ireland

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Naya Arbiter Presents Naya Arbiter's 'Post Patriarchy' Presentation at the 2017 EFTC Conference in Dublin Ireland. September 21, 2017. Runtime: :30 https://youtu.be/ofuqeEeD12o