“We came here on different ships but we’re all in the same boat” 

— Martin Luther King Jr.

Amity’s Beacon

Our contribution to the initiative to roll back mass incarceration and the undoing of the Three Strikes laws in California has led to the release of many former lifers.

Our Beacon campus is dedicated to men we refer to as mentors. Some of our students have served 50 years incarcerated before coming to Beacon, whose goal is to provide the chance to process trauma as well as gain permanent housing, employment, education and health services. We have over 100 mentors collectively between our campuses.

Our work with former lifers has helped shape policy in California and hopefully will influence other states as well. Students at Beacon and Amistad are eligible for an Adult Re-entry Grant which gives additional subsidies for students leaving those campuses.

Amity has helped over 900 former lifers participate in
direct services.

Amity’s services reach well beyond requirements and strives to improve social justice for all of our students.