“Sticks in a bundle
cannot be broken.”

— Bondei Proverb

Amity at Dragonfly

Located next to Circle Tree Ranch in Tucson, Amity at Dragonfly offers non-residential support services for homeless individuals and their families. Through a federal grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, (SAMHSA) students are offered an array of services that teach and foster independence and addiction free lives.

Dragonfly’s resources include:

  • Strength-based case management & counseling
  • Day & evening classes focused on substance abuse & trauma
  • Special topic circles, activities & workshops
  • 12-Step meetings
  • Adult education such as GED assessment, testing, tutoring & classes
  • Transportation services
  • Housing & assistance with housing resources & transportation services
  • Employment services such as job readiness & vocational training

Referrals including medical care, parenting, healthcare, childcare, mental health, food & clothing.

Upon arrival, students reported very high incidents of traumatic events such as witnessing violence or death, fear of violence, forced sex, physical violence and intimidation. Not surprisingly, most of these people scored very high on a scale measuring PTSD.

After participating in these services for a meaningful period of time, students reported improvements in a number of areas such as safety, happiness, physical health and stress. Additionally, they reported reductions in use of alcohol and drugs, interactions with police, and emergency room visits.