“We are here to awaken to the illusion of our separateness”

— Thich Nhat Hanh

Dragonfly Village Affordable Housing

We are so pleased to offer permanent supportive housing for individuals including veterans and their families. Additionally students are provided assistance with education, transportation, resumé writing as well as help with financial literacy.

This following story is from one of our faculty: “Catherine Parks” had served multiple prison terms for drug related offenses in both California and Arizona, beginning when she was 27. When our faculty member met her she was 58.

She had experienced much hatred whether motivated by the fact the she was African American, an addict, poor, or a criminal.
She was also the mother of 5 children and
16 grandchildren.

After jumping through bureaucratic hoops, and the diligence of Robert Cannon, Director of Dragonfly, Catherine became eligible for housing at Dragonfly. She began working and eventually received an Associate’s Degree in Substance Abuse/Chemical Dependency.

She applied for a first time buyer’s home and after being rejected the first time due to her criminal history, she was approved and bought a three bedroom home. She moved some of her family in and has been a true force and role model ever since.