March 17, 2020

While many enterprises and organizations can shut down operations or can have a significant percentage of their workforce work from home, that is not the case for Amity. We provide community services which require most of our workforce to be in direct contact with those that we serve.  For that reason, we are taking extraordinary precautions to keep the virus from infecting our faculty (employees) and our students (participants) at our many campuses and sites during this next period of time when we are all at significant risk.

Amity Foundation has taken immediate steps to mitigate the effects of this global pandemic on our students (participants), our faculty (employees), all families, and our community partners.  The coronavirus is highly contagious, spreads easily between individuals, and (without testing) many of those infected are not symptomatic—but can unknowingly spread the virus to others.  While 80-85% of those who get the virus will have few symptoms, in some cases no symptoms, and will recover, some will get seriously ill, and some will die from the disease. Those at greatest risk of serious illness are those who have underlying health issues, compromised immune systems, or the elderly (over 60 years of age).

We have initiated policies to:

  1. Limit visits to our campuses and sites—and for those that cannot be postponed a rigorous disinfecting protocol for visitors and required physical distance from others during the visit.
  2. Eliminate all but emergency trips from our campuses, and, again a rigorous disinfecting protocol for all students who are returning to or enrolling in one of our campuses or sites.
  3. A rigorous protocol for all faculty of frequent hand washing, social and physical distancing, very small meetings and groups, disinfecting protocols, safe dining procedures, etc.
  4. Establish quarantine areas at all residential campuses
  5. Employees with a fever, or other symptoms are required to stay home and self-quarantine.

Our policies and practices are informed by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and by state and local health authorities. As updated information becomes available, we immediately incorporate that information into our policies. As testing becomes available, we will actively test individuals according to medical advice, availability, and standards. Stay tuned for further updates.

Stay Tuned for Further Updates.