697 students

We asked 697 students enrolled in our Amity on Broadway and Vista projects about their histories.

11,263 yrs

Collectively, they spent a total of 11,263 years incarcerated @ upwards of 81K per year.

1062 children

They had 1062 children between them.


Were men and women of color.

Amity on Broadway

Amity was awarded a re-entry contract for Los Angeles County called STOP Area 5 (California Specialized Treatment for Optimized Programming) which we refer to as Amity on Broadway. Parolees are returned to their county of commitment to begin reintegration. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation provides funding to parolees in their first year of release as they transition back into the community.

We are aware that these first months post release are critical in predicting future success. Amity on Broadway provides support for approximately 1500 men and women every year.

We place students with dozens of providers throughout Los Angeles county. Our Amistad campus is one such provider for STOP area 5 and our Vista Ranch campus is a STOP provider in San Diego county’s Area 6. 

As part of our in-house research, we administer students a satisfaction survey about their experience with their providers in order to improve standards throughout Los Angeles county’s provider network.