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Changing Lives Through Zero Waste

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I recently discovered an amazing therapeutic community for addicts, the chronically homeless, and parolees in downtown Los Angeles that helps them build their own farm to grow food.

The Amity Foundation is a non-profit founded over 40 years ago that has communities in Arizona, New Mexico, and California dedicated to supporting the difficult transition from decades in prison or on the streets to a healthy, independent lifestyle. Amity focuses on life skills such and physical and emotional well-being, and how to find a job, to teach a very marginalized population how to live successfully on their own.

Most interestingly, Amity focuses on healthy eating and sustainability.

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The Sentencing Project

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In Congress, we saw substantial progress on sentencing reform legislation that would address some of the fundamental injustices of the drug war while at the state level, initiatives to reduce the scale of incarceration gained support among diverse constituencies. 

Since 1986, The Sentencing Project has played a major role in producing research and analysis designed to shape the policy debate on these issues.

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Crime Bill Isn’t Enough, We Must Now Rebuild Our Communities

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Michelle Alexander, champions the end of mass incarceration who’s latest book, “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness,” has become a surprise best seller since its paperback version came out in January. Sales have totaled some 175,000 copies after an initial hardcover printing of a mere 3,000, according to the publisher, the New Press.

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