Naya Arbiter – Rod Mullen Contribute to the XVI EWODOR Symposium

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Dianova Italy, Dianova International and the Department of Special Needs Education
(University of Ghent-Belgium)

The Therapeutic Community Model: a Tool for Empowerment

22nd/23rd September 2016 – Rome Italy

This year’s EWODOR symposium will be dedicated to acquiring a better understanding of the empowerment process that takes place in the therapeutic community (TC) model of treatment for addictive disorders.

The concept of empowerment is embedded in the TC model of treatment, based on reciprocal respect and grounded on the idea that people empower themselves, while professionals and peers are there to assist them in doing so.

Naya Arbiter gives her presentation, “The Medicine Wheel of Empowerment: Teaching Community in the Therapeutic Community” on Sept. 22nd. 

Rod Mullen presents, “Can TCs survive big pharma and integrated health care?”

Learn more at the EWODOR Symposium site 

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