$30 Million Public-Private Partnership

Returning Home Well

Initiative Highlights

Initiative Highlights


  • Reducing California’s prison population is imperative to curb the spread of COVID and protect public health for everyone – the state has taken important steps to achieve this
  • California like other states, has never adequately invested in support for reentry programs committed to ensuring people exiting the justice system successfully return to their communities and contribute to their families
  • Ensuring people released from prison can get back to work and secure safe housing has never been more important — for everyone’s health and safety
  • Research shows that supporting re-entry programs is one of the best ways to reduce recidivism and promote economic stability for people who have exited the justice system, making us all safer
  • Study after study has shown the failure to invest in reentry support leads to housing and economic insecurity, with devastating impacts for communities
  • Now is the time for California to invest in reentry, as we take the prudent steps to protect public health by safely reducing the prison population
  • Across California, there are many community-based organizations working tirelessly to meet these needs and provide assistance – they need critical support now.
  • Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, these reentry providers were under-resourced, leaving too many without the necessary safety supports to meet the basic needs of communities
  • This pandemic has only intensified those challenges
  • Our collective public health focus demands an immediate and significant commitment to supporting reentry, as many return to communities hit hardest by COVID and its associated impacts.