“In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute.”

— Thurgood Marshall

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Amistad de Los Angeles

A part of our re-entry and reintegration services this campus has up to 225 men within 12 months of their parole date who were released from incarceration in California. Our students receive help with vocational services, employment, stipends, transportation and clothing.

Located in downtown Los Angeles, we are looking forward to a massive renovation of the entire building and gardens. Like all of our re-entry services, we consider whole person health via mind, body and spirit. Students receive a comprehensive and holistic curriculum including mental and health services, nutritious meals, mindful meditation, yoga, family-reconciliation services, GED, life skills, job training and of course, substance abuse services.

One highlight of this year is a Netflix documentary made with students from our campus. Filmmaker Kip Andersen who produced and wrote Cowspiracy and What the Health, and team follow twelve students for 30 days on a 100% plant-based diet along with intensive workshops teaching yoga, meditation, breath work and other skills. Impressive changes in health and wellbeing are discovered. The documentary, 30 to Life, will be released sometime next year.

Testimonial excerpted letter from an Amistad student

Chef Alan,

After arriving at Amity, I found out about nutrition served here daily – plant based and non-GMO foods, limited sugar and gluten products. Vegan and vegetarian welcome in the Amity kitchen. In addition to great food is the fresh juice that is made daily.

When I arrived from [prison] I came with pre-cancerous skin cancer on my left forearm and melanoma cancer on my forehead. While incarcerated I was considered high risk for repeat onsets of skin cancer. Every three months I would visit the hospital dermatology department to be examined for cancer and every three months they would find a new cancer location and do a biopsy, always coming back positive. In the last 10 years I have had cancer twenty one times and chemotherapy twice. This has been a grueling cycle for me.

Since I arrived four months ago, I have only eaten what is served by Amity [as well as] drinking the super food juice. I visited the UCLA dermatologist for a checkup. The doctor did a complete body check and determined there were no new onsets of cancer. This has not been the case for 5 years in total. Negative for new cancer spots!!

I can only attribute any changes for me to the great nutrition which includes daily juicing and very little sugar. I truly cannot express my thanks to you and Amity for providing me with tremendous nutrition during my stay here.